What's Myopep


MYOPEP is a new TGA-certified weight loss supplement that combines its unique active ingredient, colostrum (enriched with follistatin and leptin peptides), with a number of purified botanical extracts (chinese cinnamon, Siberian ginseng, bladder wrack, white willow, guarana and cascara buckthorn) to help you supercharge your body’s fat loss process and maximize* your diet and exercise results.

*Best results are achieved when MYOPEP is combined with a calorie-reduced diet and a regular exercise program.


Principal Indication (Use)

MYOPEP supports weight loss with ingredients that have been scientifically demonstrated to: increase energy, decrease fat absorption, stimulate metabolism, enhance muscular strength and endurance, and increase fat oxidation.


Recommended Users.

MYOPEP is recommended for overweight patients (generally with BMI index of 25-30), and those seeking to achieve greater muscle definition and lean muscle mass.


What's in MYOPEP

Dosage Form Powdered Tablets
Therapeutic Use: Dietary Supplement
Recommended Intake: 2 tablets/day (maximum daily dose 6 tablets)
Composition: Colostrum Powder enriched with special ingredients that inhibit Myostatin effects.
60 tablets/pack

A special proprietary composition of phyto ingredients acting concurrently with main ingredient to enhance its function. Contains extracts from plants, roots and seeds.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA)           

AUS L 202541